Brand Planning

Brand image-building consulting / Entire communication strategy formulation / Dissemination of information compilation / Corprate film customization

Brand Consultation

Brand management and consultation/ Brand communication strategy formulation

Media positive spread

Communication planning program customization / news planning implementation / Manuscript writing and publishing / Media interview planning and executive / Media special communication / Press planning implementation / New media dissemination

Media relations management

Media relations establishment and daily maintenance / Media executives' visits / Media anti-road show / Media appreciation and fraternity / Internal media reception mechanism / Spokesman training

Public opinions management

Media monitoring / Public opinions analysis / Enterprise public opinion management work diagnosis / Enterprise public opinion management mechanism establishment / Public opinion optimization program formulation and implementation / Significant case of public opinions incident analysis

Crisis response

Crisis early warning / Crisis response strategy consulting / Crisis response program implementation / Media communication strategy consulting / Media special communication

Planning and implementation of public relations activities

Industry meeting activities evaluation and recommendation / Online and offline marketing activities planning and execution / Online and offline user activity planning and implementation / Public welfare activities recommend and implement

Special investigation report/ Event marketing

Analysis reports of media reports / Peports of crisis management cases / Thematic public opinions monitoring reports / Market quotations and public opinions analysis reports / Competitor product spread analysis reports

New Media Management

Enterprise official public platform operation/ Public platform document writing and design/ Public platform management and upgrading of the menu bar/ Executives, public management and planning/ Public platform development and technical support/ Public platform marketing planning/ New media copywriter planning and writing/ Thematic comics and visual design /KOL management and cooperation

Content Marketing

Scheme Planning/ Cartoon and poster/Video and H5/ Online activity/ Event marketing

Digital Marketing and Social Media

New media operation/ KOL cooperation/ SEO optimization

Public Relations Management

Relationship maintenance/ Media resources/ Event propagation/ Crisis response

Offline Activities

Activity planning/ Operation execution

Public Relations Resources

KOL resources/ We-media/ PR media/ In-depth media resources/ Star resources